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Defending You Against a Full Spectrum of Fraud Charges

Fraud is among the most common white collar crimes and can happen in various ways. Whether you are under investigation for wire fraud or face insurance fraud charges, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to protect you.

At David J.P. Kaloyanides, A Professional Law Corporation, Mr. Kaloyanides uses his 30 years of experience to defend clients throughout Los Angeles County against damaging fraud charges. Throughout his career, he has served as lead counsel on over 400 federal cases, giving him valuable experience that he uses to benefit his clients. Mr. Kaloyanides is certified by the California Board of Legal Specialization in criminal law, a unique distinction that shows his dedication to defending clients in all areas of criminal law.

Federal Fraud Charges Can Have Devastating Impacts on Your Life

Fraud is a white collar crime that refers to offenses where someone obtained money or property through the use of deceptive practices. Whether you are accused of lying on a loan application or avoiding mandatory currency transaction reporting (Bank Fraud), failing to report income or foreign bank accounts (Tax Fraud), or using the postal service, telephone, or internet as part of a fraudulent scheme (Mail and Wire Fraud), the penalties for a federal fraud conviction are severe, in some cases fines up to $1 million and 30 years in federal prison.

Mr. Kaloyanides can defend you against a variety of fraud charges, including:

  • Mail fraud
  • Wire fraud
  • Bank fraud
  • Tax fraud
  • Securities fraud
  • Insurance fraud

Although fraud is a nonviolent white collar crime, fraud convictions often lead to serious penalties that can impact the rest of your life. Depending on the severity of the crime committed, you may face years behind bars, expensive fines and devastating impacts to your personal and financial reputation. Your best chance at avoiding or lessening some of these penalties is to retain an experienced defense attorney as soon as possible.

What Is Federal Mail Fraud?

Federal mail fraud involves knowingly using the mail system to deceive others for financial gain. This includes a wide range of activities that can also lead to additional criminal charges, such as:

  • Fake invoices for nonexistent services or goods
  • Ponzi schemes and other misleading investments
  • False lottery notifications that ask recipients for money to claim their winnings
  • Requests for donations to false charities
  • Check kiting and deceptive applications for bank loans
  • Identity theft schemes and inheritance scams
  • Health insurance fraud and health care fraud

If you are facing complex charges, an experienced lawyer can explain everything in depth to ensure that you understand these charges properly.

California Penalties On Federal Mail Fraud Cases

Mail fraud, which is categorized as a white collar crime, comes with unexpectedly severe consequences. If found guilty, you may be subjected to a federal prison sentence of up to 20 years and/or a substantial fine.

Federal prosecutors bear the burden of proving specific elements for a mail fraud conviction. These are as follows:

  • First, they must establish that you devised or intended to devise a scheme to defraud or perform fraudulent acts
  • Second, the prosecution must show that you used the mail to execute or attempt to execute the scheme

It’s crucial to note that the defendant must have a specific intent to deceive or defraud, and mere participation in a scheme may not be sufficient for a conviction. A skilled federal mail fraud defense attorney can challenge federal mail fraud charges by analyzing the case, disputing intent and presenting alternative explanations for your actions.

California Statute Of Limitations For Federal Mail Fraud

California’s statute of limitations for federal mail fraud cases is typically five years. This means that legal proceedings must commence within five years of the alleged mail fraud occurrence for the prosecution to be valid. An experienced California mail fraud defense attorney can help you determine the specific time frame applicable to your case.

Experienced Guidance to Help You Overcome Fraud Allegations

When you work with Mr. Kaloyanides at David J.P. Kaloyanides, A Professional Law Corporation, you will always receive personal attention and valuable legal support during every step of your case. To schedule a consultation, call him at Call or complete his online contact form to get started on your defense.