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David J.P. Kaloyanides is a certified specialist in criminal law, certified by the California Board of Legal Specialization. With more than 30 years of experience, Mr. Kaloyanides has been the lead trial counsel on over 400 federal criminal defense cases.

Serving Clients in Long Beach and Throughout Los Angeles County Over 30 Years.

Serving Clients in Long Beach and Throughout Los Angeles County Over 30 Years.

Federal Criminal Defense

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Are You Facing Federal Charges?

Attorney David J.P. Kaloyanides commits his experience in the courtroom to defending his clients who are facing the toughest of criminal charges in California. Charges involving Racketeering (RICO) violations, federal drug trafficking, federal grand jury investigations, public corruption, bribery, money laundering, racketeering, capital murder, gang-related offenses, or other crimes, as well as federal appeals and federal habeas review, all require the expertise and experience of a seasoned federal criminal defense lawyer who will aggressively champion your future. Your life as you know it is at risk if you are convicted for a federal charge.

Mr. Kaloyanides is the lawyer to contact. His certification as a Criminal Law Specialist by The State Bar of California’s Board of Legal Specialization (CBLS) distinguishes his practice from other defense lawyers. He has the experience to help you understand the charges you face and will defend your rights every step of the way.

Why Hire a Board-Certified Criminal Law Specialist for Your Defense?

The State Bar of California’s Board of Legal Specialization (CBLS) board certification process is painstaking. Mr. Kaloyanides’ certification is a result of having years of experience at the helm of a high number of jury trials taken to verdict in the courtroom. He has successfully passed the rigorous State Bar of California’s Board of Legal Specialization exam. Mr. Kaloyanides’ legal peers – judges, other California criminal defense attorneys, as well as prosecutors – have attested to his skill and excellent reputation. To maintain his Certification as a Criminal Law Specialist, Mr. Kaloyanides must also regularly complete robust continuing legal education courses along with conducting the required number of criminal trials as lead counsel each year. Fewer than 0.1% of all lawyers in California are Certified Specialists in Criminal Law.

​Get the legal help you need when you are facing charges for street crimes, violent crimes in aid of racketeering (VICAR) or drug cases, weapons charges, use of firearms, racketeering offenses, Hobbs Act, sentencing enhancements and more.

Along with handling the most complex and serious federal offenses, Mr. Kaloyanides also represents clients facing federal misdemeanors – crimes taking place on federal property, federal lands, National Parks, or military bases. A conviction for a federal misdemeanor carries up to a year in federal prison and having to pay a high fine. Unlike convictions under state law, there is no expungement of federal convictions.

State Crimes

From minor crimes to serious felonies, understanding your rights can make the difference between your freedom and a lengthy prison sentence. Even misdemeanor convictions carry serious consequences beyond the sentence a judge might impose. And being charged with a felony can have life long consequences for you and your family. Whether you are charged with a petty crime or something more serious, you need an attorney who will investigate your case, make sure your rights are protected, and fight for you.

David J.P. Kaloyanides in Long Beach is the right attorney for you.

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